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Who we are on the other hand, always stays the same.

hENT1 Campaign

Clovis Showcase
Building a differentiated scientific identity for a new therapeutic option in oncology launching at ASCO! This award-winning scientific campaign demonstrates how our talent can
develop a scientific identity, build multiple medical resources, and disseminate it through the latest multichannel tools.

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Health Education Answers Website

Lilly Home Showcase
This award-winning customizable patient education website provides over 2500 pages of scientifically rigorous content along with synchronized audio in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese) across 13 health areas, to over 40,000 patients in the United States. Healthcare providers who have the ability to customize the site provide it to their patients to ensure they have the educational materials they need to get and stay healthy.
In addition to educational content the site includes green-screen video content and multiple interactive screeners and health risk assessments to help patients monitor their health and risk on an ongoing basis. The site is in its 5th year and continues to grow and evolve.

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